A mech with a really interesting silhouette that caught my eye. Modeled, rigged, and animated in Maya, detailed in Zbrush, and textured using Quixel and Substance Painter. From there, I brought the character and animation into Unreal 4 (4.10) and setup some lighting. Without the help and direction from Austin Heald, the smoke effects wouldn't have happened, so I wanted to thank him for that.

I struggled a lot with this project but ultimately learned a ton about modeling hard surface characters. I'm looking forward to applying my new knowledge and understanding towards any future mechs and/or cyborgs.

The original concept by Ariel Perez can be found here:

Scorcher Breakdown

Dave greenberg scorcher1

Lit in Unreal 4 (front view)

Dave greenberg scorcher4

Lit in Unreal 4 (back view)

Dave greenberg scorcher5


Dave greenberg scorcher6


Dave greenberg scorcher2

Unlit in Unreal 4

Dave greenberg scorcher3

Details in Unreal 4